Feel like helping out a lost-soul today? Nows your chance to show the World you care

I don't ask for much, in fact, hardly anything at all. All I want is to be happy and live a good life with my family and friends. If you help me raise a million dollars as soon as possible I will donate every donation after the initial one million to charity's throughout the World. I will give all the interest from the money to charities in the UK for as long as there are donations coming in.

Through your kindess, helping me you will also help millions of others around the UK and around the World. This is not a charity, this is just money making a difference, and in turn I will make a difference.

I want the world to see that people these days still care. People these days still have faith in mankind. People these days care for each other. In return I will do as I have set out to do in the first two paragraphs, plus I will mention your name and any message you have on a seperate page.

I really want to help and show the World I care!!!
Here's a little something to show the World I care (in the Universal Money standard of US Dollars.)
Please follow the results of your help on my twitter @markyboyo and know exactly where I am on the scale... Current $0.00 (Updated daily)